Over the years, Peter Rose has written, co-authored, and edited a number of books on sociology, American society, racial and ethnic history, intergroup relations,  immigration and refugee policy,  and higher education.  He has also published several collections of his essays on travel and the sociology of tourism.


Tropes of Intolerance: Pride, Prejudice, and the Politics of Fear (Routledge, 2020)
Max, the Sea-Dog (Sea House Books, 2018)
Mainstream and Margins Revisited: Sixty Years of Commentaries on Minorities in America (Routledge, 2017)
Postmonitions of a Peripatetic Professor (Levellers Press, 2013)
With Few Reservations
(iUniverse, 2010)
Guest Appearances and Other Travels in Time and Space
(Swallow Press, 2003)
Tempest-Tost (Oxford University Press, 1997)
Mainstream and Margins: Jews, Blacks, and Other Americans (Transaction Books, 1983)
Strangers in Their Midst (Richwood Press, 1977)
The Subject is Race (Oxford University Press, 1967)
They and We (Random House,1964; 7th –and 50th anniversary — edition, Routledge, 2014)


Over Vreemdeling en Vluchteling [On Strangers and Refugees] (Gianotten, Netherlands,1983)
Understanding Society  (Prentice Hall, 1978; 3rd edition, 1983)
Sociology (Harper Row, 1977; 2nd edition, St. Martins Press, 1982)


The Dispossessed: An Anatomy of Exile (University of Massachusetts Press, 2005)
Professorial Passions (Smith College,1998)
Interminority Affairs in the U.S.: The Challenge of Pluralism (Sage Publications, 1993)
Working with Refugees (Center for Migration Studies,1986)
Socialization and the Life Cycle (St. Martins Press,1979)
Views from Abroad (Forum Press, 1978)
Seeing Ourselves (Knopf, 1972; 2nd edition, 1975)
Many Peoples, One Nation (Random House, 1973)
Nation of Nations (Random House 1972; reissued by University Press of America, 1982)
Americans from Africa: Vol. I, Slavery and Its Aftermath; Vol. II, Old Memories, New Moods (Atherton Press, 1970; reissued by Transaction Books, 2007; re-released with new prefaces by the editor, Transaction Books, 2016

The Ghetto and Beyond (Random House, 1969)

The Study of Society (Random House, 1967; 4th edition 1977)


Through Different Eyes: Black and White Perspectives on American Race Relations  (Oxford University Press, 1973)