theprosewriter is Peter I. Rose, a sociologist, ethnographer,  world traveler and sometime travel journalist who has been studying, teaching, and writing about human encounters and interactions for  60 years. He has long been anchored in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he is Sophia Smith Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology and Senior Fellow of the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute at Smith College.

One of his most recent books  is also his oldest.  The first edition of They and We: Racial and Ethnic Relations in the U.S. and Beyond was published by Random House in 1964. In 2014, Paradigm/Routledge  released the 7th — and 50thanniversary — edition. It appeared a few months after Levellers Press published Postmonitions of a Peripatetic Professor. In the pages of that colorful memoir, the author comments on six decades of academic life in the U.S. and abroad, his work as an editor, researcher and consultant, his excursions as a travel writer, and some intimate portraits of those he met along the way. With a Foreword by the author’s former Smith College student, playwright and novelist Andrea Hairston, the narrative is also enriched by occasional extracts from his earlier writings in essays, stories, reviews, poems, and books, including They and We, The Subject is Race, The Ghetto and Beyond, Strangers in Their Midst, Americans from Africa, Mainstream and Margins, Tempest-Tost, Guest Appearances, and With Few Reservations.

In 2016 Transaction Publishers reissued — with  new prefaces — the  two-volume book of controversies, Americans from Africa (Vol. 1: Slavery and Its Aftermath; Vol. II Old Memories, New Moods) first published by Atherton Press in 1970.  It now appears under the imprint of Routledge.  Early in 2017 Transaction/Routledge published his newest book, Mainstream and Margins Revisited:  Sixty Years of Commentary on Minorities in America